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What The Color of Your Teeth Says About You

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Did you know that the color of your teeth can give away information about you. Those who love to drink caffeinated beverage like coffee and cola have stained teeth. This is also true for smokers. People who work closely with copper like copper miners or musicians who play the trumpet have blue green stains on their teeth from copper dust. Furriers together with nitric acid can blacken teeth.

Some people have red teeth. This could indicate that they’ve been through cholera, typhus, there’s an injury in the pulp or it could simply be because they just ate food that causes the teeth to look red. If you have a purple tooth, have it checked with your dentist. There might be nerve damage.

Whatever may have caused the color of your teeth, it’s not pretty to leave it that way. The good thing is, there are several options within your reach to achieve pearly white teeth.

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